Out Of Breathlessness With The Hibiscus Infusion

You can sip it warm or cold: the infusion of hibiscus thins the blood, tones veins and capillaries and helps to reduce edema.

It is the red flower that Hawaiian women adjust to their hair and that anyone crossing the Sahara desert still chews to defeat heat and thirst: it is called Hibiscus sabdariffa and it is an ancient species of vermilion hibiscus that grows in Africa, in the Caribbean and in India, a precious ally in the hottest climates. In fact, its petals (or rather, the calyx of the flower) contain flavonoids, polyphenolic compounds, anthocyanins and organic acids, a beneficial mix especially for the heart and for the whole cardiovascular system, which regulates the heartbeat and supports the blood vessels exhausted by the grip of heat.

The hibiscus keeps the pressure fluctuations away
In this season the heart can be affected by climatic changes, and this is why sometimes it seems to hear it beat in an unusually heavy way, or “to scrape” in the chest. The hibiscus, with a very long tradition as an antihypertensive remedy, is an excellent guardian of the heart muscle: thanks to the tannins, to the glycosides and to the flavonoids of which it is rich, it protects the blood vessels, thins the blood and makes the circulation more efficient; it also has a slight diuretic effect, which regulates blood pressure.

The famous karkadè is made from it
When infused in boiling water, the red hibiscus glasses are transformed into a ruby-colored drink, a little acidulous and very refreshing, also known as karkadè, or desert tea. The infusion of karkadè is a treasure trove of antioxidants and this season is also excellent cold.

Propose it on summer evenings as an alternative aperitif
With hibiscus and strawberries, also allies of the heart, a refreshing drink is prepared, ideal for hot summer nights. Prepare ice cubes using the hibiscus infusion (a tablespoon of dried flowers for 200 ml of boiling water, wait 10 minutes, filter and let cool). Pour the cubes into a glass jar, filling it for 3/4. Wash 200 g of strawberries, cut them into slices and pour into the jar. Let it rest for an hour at room temperature, shaking occasionally.

With him you make the perfect herbal tea to fight arrhythmia
With hibiscus, orange, rose hip and lemon balm (in equal parts) an herbal tea is prepared which is a powerful protector of the heart. The dog rose, in particular, enhances the action of the hibiscus in defense of the heart muscle, keeping cholesterol at bay and regulating the pressure. Lemon balm has a calming action and orange, in addition to contrasting the formation of plaques in the arteries, gives the drink a pleasant aroma. Place a teaspoon of the mixture in a cup of boiling water and after 10 minutes filter. Drink the warm or cold herbal tea with a teaspoon of honey.

In addition, hibiscus is an ally against cholesterol and stress
Its antioxidant action helps to neutralize the bad cholesterol that obstructs the veins and threatens the heart, preventing its deposition on the arterial walls. Its flavonoids, then, relax the nervous system and counteract anxiety and stress in a gentle way, regulating tachycardia of emotional origin, especially that which worsens at night.