5 Good Reasons To Eat Prickly Pears

We are in August, a period of figs but also of prickly pears. Less known than the closest relatives, prickly pears have innumerable properties.

The prickly plant of prickly pears is a plant that grows spontaneously in warm areas, from us, especially in Calabria and Sicily.

He does not need much care to come up or even the intervention of man. Positive element, since we can be sure of the fact that it does not need fertilizers. Their harvest period is generally between August and September.

Here are 5 essential properties of prickly pears

1. They increase the sense of satiety

Thanks to their high content of soluble fibers, these fruits are able to give a sense of satiety useful to those on a diet. Furthermore, the fibers taken slow the absorption of sugars at the end of the meal, making us feel full longer and limiting the annoying habit of munching snacks during the course of the day.

2. Regularize the intestine

It is always the high content of fiber present in prickly pears that makes this fruit an excellent ally to regularize intestinal activity. Without irritating the mucous membranes, prickly pears regenerate the bacterial flora and reduce the risk of hemorrhoids. Also for this reason they are particularly suitable for those on a diet or for those who need to detoxify their bodies: by helping the intestine, the body is helped to eliminate waste and toxins more easily.

3. Check the glycemic index

According to some research, prickly pears would be a useful ally for all those suffering from diabetes mellitus. Their consumption would lead to lower blood glucose levels. As mentioned above, the fibers contained in the fruit reduce the absorption of sugars and fats during meals, favoring not only weight loss, but also the health of our body.

4. They are powerful antioxidants

The flesh of prickly pears has a strong antioxidant power, thanks to its high content of polyphenols. In a study carried out on patients with hypercholesterolemia, it was noted that the intake of prickly pear pulp led to reduced oxidative damage to lipids and improved the oxidative stress status of treated patients. Here an interesting study that demonstrates the antioxidant properties of these fruits.

5. They act as anti-stress food

Prickly pears contain a good deal of minerals such as potassium and magnesium. They also contain calcium and iron, vitamin C, A and thiamine. These elements are essential for those who suffer a lot from fatigue and stress. They act as fuels and reactivate the neuro-muscular balance.

In general, prickly pears are considered in the popular tradition of natural tonics, useful for solving problems related to lack of concentration and depression.

Prickly pears are an excellent food, rich in nutrients: in addition to a high fiber content, they are excellent sources of essential amino acids. Furthermore, they are rich in beta-carotene and contain a good amount of magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium. The coolest thing? They have a low caloric intake, they are good and they make us feel good!

SOURCE: Ambiente Bio