The Orchid Purifies The Air Of The Home (Helping To Calm Nerves And Headaches

At home or in the office, orchids add a touch of beauty to the environment and bring numerous benefits, making us breathe better and increasing the mood level. The beautiful orchids improve the quality of the air supplying it with oxygen and purifying it from unwanted substances and, thanks to their elegance, help to calm the nerves.

Taking care of an orchid is not difficult and with the right care we can have orchids always flowering at home and at work.
The benefits of orchids
Arranging one or more orchids at home or in the office can improve the quality of life, providing benefits to breathing and mood. According to Feng Shui, orchids also bring luck and prosperity, especially if placed in the bedroom.
Orchids, like all plants, remove carbon dioxide from the environment and produce large quantities of oxygen, a fundamental gas for our body.

In addition, orchids are among the plant species able to purify the air, freeing it from unwanted and potentially harmful substances. In particular, orchids are capable of absorbing the xylene present in the environment.

Xylene is a chemical compound used as a solvent in glues and paints and which can disperse in trace amounts in the air of your home or office. If accumulated in the body, xylene can cause headaches, fatigue and irritability. Placing an orchid on your desk or on a window sill can therefore help you breathe cleaner air both at home and at work.

There are many varieties of orchids, all united by beauty and grace that gratify the eyes and also bring benefits to the mood. Plants and flowers have a proven calming effect on our mind and orchids can help keep the environment more relaxed thanks to the elegant posture of the stems and the delicacy of the beautiful flowers.

Keep an orchid in the office

How to cure orchids
Orchids are fairly easy to grow plants, but if we want them to continue to bloom we will have to give them some simple care.
First of all, orchids need a lot of light, so they should be placed in a particularly bright position but not directly exposed to sunlight.
Orchids can be placed in any room in the home or office, as long as they have the right degree of light and humidity.

The best place to grow an orchid is a window sill or a desk placed near a natural light source.
Like all plants, even orchids do not like to be moved, so once the optimal location has been chosen, this should not be changed.

As for watering, the best way to wet the orchids is to completely immerse the jar in water at room temperature for a few minutes. After that the water must be drained completely, avoiding stagnation that could cause the roots to rot.

To understand when the orchid needs water, just look at the root system of the plant: when the roots of the orchid are well hydrated they appear green, while the color tends to white and silver in lack of water. Orchids are grown in transparent jars just to be able to control the appearance of the roots.

Orchids normally live in warm and humid environments and need the right degree of humidity in the air to be able to thrive: it is possible to nebulize water around the orchids to increase the levels of environmental humidity, but we must carefully avoid wetting the flowers and accumulating water on the leaves.

Finally, pay attention to the choice of soil, which should never be generic but specific for orchids.
With these simple cures orchids will grow healthy and lush, giving beautiful blooms that will continue throughout the year.

SOURCE: Greenme